Photo Does peace govern the law ?

Does peace govern the law ?

Does peace govern the law ?

Peace organizations and the government work hard to maintain peace in the world we live in. Laws are adopted in order to ensure safety and peace in the society. Besides, laws are designed to protect and establish human rights. In this article focuses on the influence of peace in the law drafting process.

Does peace govern the law?

Peace governs the law because it rules over public behavior

The word "peace" or King's peace, or also Queen's peace is the concept of the common law, which aims at ensuring or safeguarding public order. A common law is a body of unwritten laws, which are based on the legal precedents ruled and implemented by the courts. Peace governs the law because laws are written in order to rule over the civil conducts.

For example, the public behavior maintains that it is not good to fight with each other. The public order against fighting constitutes an unwritten law which rules over society. Despite such a public ruling, some disobedient individuals still fight and harm each other. Fighting is considered a disorderly conduct because it disturbs the peace.

Fighting, just like late night-time noise, is a breach of peace. Disturbing the peace is a minor criminal offense and it is punishable. Thus, because of its ability to rule over public behavior, it can be said that peace governs the law.

Peace governs the law because it acts against any criminal offense

A criminal offense causes a conflict and disturbs the peace. In fact, the peace is against any form of criminal offense. For example, child abuse and domestic violence are criminal offenses.

To maintain peace, citizens propose a bill against such criminal offenses to their local government representatives. If the bill is passed, a new law against such unlawful acts is adopted and written. Therefore, it can be maintained that peace governs the law.

Peace governs law because it is against the use of violence

Peace aims at promoting an attitude of non-violence in people. In fact, among the other basic principles of peacekeeping, peace is against the use of force in conflict resolution, except in the mandate and self-defense. Peace is against all forms of violence. As a result, its goal is to resolve conflicts without using force.

As a result, the court draft laws to deal with any criminal acts peacefully. Punishments for criminals are drafted in order to avoid the use of violence and maintain peace. Traditionally, it was common to punish serious criminal offenders such as murderers through decapitation, burning to death, or death sentence.

However, in order to ensure harmony in the society, the law uses new forms of punishment for serious crime. Instead of implementing such harsh sentences, major crime may be punished through life imprisonment rather than a death sentence. As a result, it can be said that peace governs the law in order to maintain peace in the society.

Peace governs law because it acts to enhance each individual's inner peace

Prem Rawat, a peace mediator and an ambassador of peace teaches, "That peace which is within us, we must experience it". Prem Rawat also added that if we are searching for peace outside, we will never find the peace within. In fact, peace governs the law to bring changes and restore harmony in the world.

For this reason, peace condemns any acts which may harm that peace within one's self. As a result, those who are in favor of maintaining harmony contribute to law drafting process in order to regulate the social behavior and guide it towards peacekeeping. And this ascertains that peace governs law.

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