Photo are the inhabitants in a peaceful state happier ?

are the inhabitants in a peaceful state happier ?

are the inhabitants in a peaceful state happier ?

Peace is the lack of worries in human life; and this is due to the absence of abuses, conflicts, or violence; this may be also due to having all the basic needs to ensure survival. People may adopt different ways to achieve peace, whether it is for themselves, or for the community where they live.

For example, many public holidays are observed to enjoy time with family and have a serene moment. Another example is, in order to be happy, some people may eat a delicious meal or organize a party.

However, the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat said, “Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you." He shares such wise words in his website in order to teach people that the key to happiness is peaceful mind. But does this mean that, if we live in a peaceful society, bliss will knock at our door?

Are the inhabitants in a peaceful state happier?

A peaceful state ignites positive feelings

When the nation is not at war, it is natural for its population to develop positive feelings:

  • Peaceful people are more tolerant to each other; thus, any aggressive behavior is avoided.
  • If at peace, people are more understanding; therefore, they refrain from being critical to anyone, or to their leader.
  • Serene individuals are good listeners; they listen first and suggest solutions to remedy the issue.
  • If calm, people are slow to anger and go without fight or violence.
  • Calm individuals have better reasons, which make life worth living.

A peaceful state sparks happiness to its citizens

Like happiness, peace is a positive emotion. When the nation is at peace, people are cheerful because and good mood sparks happiness. In a state, peace is based on security and lack of conflicts. Peace can be also ensured by the lack of diseases and other major issues in a society. When a country is at war, its citizens are oppressed and depressed; they may be deprived of freedom and food.

On the other hand, if a chronic disease invades a country, its population will have to spend their savings on medical care, and they will feel bad about it. Still, another case in point is, for instance, about the refugees and asylum seekers, who are deprived of their basic necessities of life. Faced with such difficulties, it will be impossible for them to be at peace and find happiness.

A peaceful state promotes mutual help

When a country is at war, many infrastructures are destroyed. In contrast, if at peace, there are greater opportunities for the inhabitants to bring their share to relieve the sufferings of the needy. Thus, it is possible to improve their living standards and may eventually enhance economic development.

Life is worth living if we can do good acts like contributing to the development of the nation. That is exactly what made Prem Rawat say: "I declare that I will establish peace in this world". Obviously, he shares such a message to the world because he is persuaded that it is essential to establish a peaceful nation because of its power to make its inhabitants more contented.

Through his own peace organization, which is known as the TPRF Foundation, he takes various initiatives to further global peace and happiness.

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