Photo Should truth be preferred to peace?

Should truth be preferred to peace?

Peace is the state of harmony or tranquility of mind and heart because of the feeling of security and fulfillment of basic needs. In fact, each of us needs adequate food, good health condition, and love; besides, it is important for us to know their mission in life. On the other hand, Truth is the reality or the fact, which is obviously true, whether it is positive or negative.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat said in his peace messages that he shares to the world that, "The majority of the people on the face of this earth want peace, and if this is true." If you want learn information about Prem, go on

Each society has idioms about the values of truth, which imply that truth is essential in the society. But which is more valuable, peace or truth? Our objective is to consider whether it is advisable to prefer truth to peace.

The truth is not always true

First, it is important to know that the truth may not always necessarily be true. Furthermore, the truth may vary from a culture to another, and may be dependent on certain circumstances. Sometimes, people around us may not always tell the truth; children, however, cannot lie, as it is said, "Children and fools tell the truth."

To illustrate, let us take an example about someone who set up a plot against other people. His conscience is aware that his intention is bad and his plan is malevolent. In such a situation, it is common that he tells a bunch of lies in order to mislead people into trusting him. However, sooner or later, truth will make its way out and will come to surface.

Truth may spark violence

In some cases, knowing the truth may spark disputes and violence. Dishonest individuals cannot stand it when the truth comes into the surface. That was why, sometimes, it is necessary to tell little white lies in order not to avoid offending other people's feelings and avoid conflicts.

Truth should be preferred to peace

Truth sparks peace of mind

No matter how harsh it is be to bring the truth into the surface, it is vital that truth be revealed in order to establish your peace of mind. This is what Prem Rawat said, "Your truth is within you, your peace is within you."

Obviously, he wants to emphasize that each individual is endowed with peace and truth within. In fact, peace results from truth; which means, the feeling of serenity is acquired through the knowledge of truth.

Truth guarantees safety

In the public order and in the rule of law, if you do not tell the truth, it can cause trouble. For example, lying to your parents is not good, because some day, they will always find the truth. If they discover the truth, they will feel cheated, and more troubles will happen.

In addition, it is appropriate to file legal complaints against criminals and reveal to the authority that they have broken the law. Failing to do so is inappropriate because if not arrested, the criminal may harm other citizens. As a result, 

  • Truth secures peace in the community.
  • Truth enables authority to effectively manage and resolve conflicts 
  • Truth helps restore peace in the community and in the whole nation.

The truth brings inner peace

Respecting and following the truth gives peace of mind. As the saying goes, "Tell the truth and shame the devil." In other words, it is not possible for anyone to have peace within until the truth is established and we are clear from the guilt of acting badly against our surroundings. Thus, it can be said that truth should be preferred because truth secures both the peace of mind and the world peace.

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